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so sometimes people get your phone number.  this can be scary.  T con can handle situations like this, like today when a girl she used to work with at a night club, Samantha, gave her number to a friend.  The text conversation is as follows:

Pete: The party is on for friday at my theatre (address) $10 byob with male dancer  let me know if we can do this please

place to have fun

Pete: Do u bartend on friday and saturday night hun?  Pete samanthas friend

T Con: Sure do Pete!

Pete: Looking 4 beautiful women 4 passions  would luv 2 have you   where u at beautiful

T Con: Im at (bar)

Pete: Where’s that  lol  would luv a pic of u c how beautiful you still are

T Con: Come have a drink and snap one

Pete: Where is place

T Con: (address of bar)

Pete: Ohhhh what days and times u interested in passions at all on wknd

T Con: N/A


a business card…from a woman!

another very amazing gift blessed T Con today, a one of a kind social situation.  a very lovely woman with hair that was home to what can be refered to as “rats nests, ” or “the fifth day of a woman’s study of dreadlocks,” was sitting with a rather dapper man who I heard mention spent a lot of time in the white house.  im not sure what they were talking about, but what TC pieced together was that the woman  had decided to become a Christian.  It was difficult to really understand the full story because every time she spoke the guy who probably has to do retinal scans would try to lick her mouth.  she would begin to cry hysterically intermittently, and thus, “the politician” would find different methods of calming her down such as: telling her to drink more, shutting her up with more mouth licks, putting fancy cheeses in her face, or going to the restroom.  the best tactic though, and the one that had Dora and her teammates reeling was when she was bawling particularly madly at one moment, and he sang this song to her with sincere charisma and animation: High Hopes


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